Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal which may also be deemed as cosmetic acupuncture is a gentle and natural treatment which may assist to enhance facial well-being (fine lines, sagging skin,aging,wrinkles,muscle tone) and improve your overall health, we offer a holistic approach, addressing underlying issues which may be contributing to your areas of concern so you can feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Treatment involves a combination of facial and body acupuncture with a complete herbal facial regimen using the Chinadoll oriental skin care range.

What to expect


During the initial consult, normally 90mins,and before we begin your treatment, a full health history will be taken. This information helps to determine an appropriate treatment plan for you.  We will discuss the treatment plan with you so you have greater understanding of your individual condition....(subsequent sessions: 45-60 mins depending on your individual plan).


After discussion takes place, depending on the area that requires treating you may need to remove some clothing, and if you do, your practitioner will leave the room to ensure your privacy and explain how to drape yourself with the towel provided. Once you are comfortable on the treatment table, your practitioner will ask your permission to start your acupuncture treatment.  Treatment will consist of a facial cleanse, followed by the application of a herbal face mask , while relaxing with your face mask, body acupuncture points will be inserted. Once the face mask is removed,  cool jade rollers are used to massage your facial area in preparation for facial acupuncture. Very fine needles  are inserted into the facial areas as previously discussed, stimulating blood flow, collagen and elastin production which may help to soften lines, improve skin complexion, stimulate, and strengthen facial muscles. Once the needles are in place the practitioner will leave the room, allowing you to relax for about 30 to 45 min, your practitioner is always available if you require any assistance at any time. Your practitioner will continue to check in with you, to monitor you and your comfort during the placement of the needles in case you feel uncomfortable or have any questions or concerns. Once the acupuncture needles are removed, a nourishing/toning herbal mask is applied to your face and allowed to dry, the mask is then cleansed off . To complete your treatment a herbal moisturiser is applied  to your facial area and massaged with cool jade rollers. 

Your Health Plan

After your therapy, your practitioner will discuss an individual treatment plan to treat your specific needs ensuring the best outcome. Lifestyle changes and exercises maybe recommended as part of your treatment plan. However, you decide the final plan of action. At Healing Harmony, we respect that it is your body, your health and your plan.

If you have any questions contact us to talk it through.(